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Mission Training College Update

MTC students at the last session on 16th Nov might like to have these references:

Catherine referred to the Joshua Project which has a wealth of information about unreached people groups and pointers on how to pray for the spread of the gospel among them – see

I spoke a little about some of the Celtic Christians and their courageous mission journeys. There is a lot of mis-information and sentiment around the history of the Celtic church but some of those pioneers are a tremendous example of faith and laying down our lives for love of the unreached.

My personal favourite is Ninian because of the connection with a place called Whithorn in Galloway which we loved to visit on holiday when our children were young. Here are some useful sources of information:

Michael Mitton Restoring the Woven Cord: Strands of Celtic Christianity for the Church Today .

Hunter and Stuhlman The Celtic Way of Evangelism: How Christianity Can Reach the West.

Ian Bradley The Celtic Way

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