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GEM Sunday Services

Meeting Dates: 

  • Every last Sunday of the month

Meeting Time and Place:

6 pm at All Nations Church


GEM Drop-In 

GEM Drop-In is for adults with learning disabilities, meeting every Thursday from 9am till 2pm.  We come together for food, prayer,  bible study, games, activities, drama, and art and craft. We learn about Jesus and how to be a follower of Jesus.

GEM Drop-In has a regular structure to the day of breakfast and prayer 9-10am, GEM learning zone 10-11am, Activity zone 11-12, lunch followed by Fun zone 1-2pm. Those attending can come for the full day, or choose what they want to come along for.

We have a relaxed and friendly environment, where anyone can come and participate at whatever level is suitable for them. It is a great place to meet new friends, learn new skills and develop wholistically as a individual.

We would love to see you! It is only £2 all day, which includes breakfast drinks and lunch. Come along!


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