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The Burning Ones

A new breed of no-compromise Christian is being awakened across the land. In previous generations there have been notable examples – believers who saw God move in power through the completeness of their surrender to His Spirit. Smith Wigglesworth, George Muller, Kathryn Kuhlman and others were forerunners for what is to come. God is now raising an army of like-minded, passionate warriors.

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Rousing the Warriors

All over the world God is speaking to His Church and calling her to rise up, take her rightful place and be all that He has called her to be. This book, a timely and prophetic call to action, seeks to stir believers to find their place in God’s plan and engage with His purposes. It will help to equip and empower an end-time army for the battles which lie ahead.

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One Life

Life is a gift we have all been given. Each of us only gets one shot at it – one chance to make the most of it and make a difference in our world. God has given us one life – how will you live yours? Author Steve Uppal contends that we must live it well, live it right and live it in the light of eternity. The issue is not how long we live, but how well we live. This book unpacks the principles of living a life of purpose.

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