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Vision Business

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If you are in business, or feeling called to business, then come and join our Vision Business meetings:

18th January 2016, Starts 7pm

Wolverhampton Science Park
Creative Industries Centre
Wolverhampton Science Park
WV10 9RU

Price: £10.00




We want to encourage building authentic community, strengthening relationships, praying together and encouraging each other in God. As a family of believers and business people this should enable accountability in our business principles and practices and our commitment to growing God centred businesses

Our main aims and where we want our focus to be as a group has been broken down into 3 points of focus which we see as operating in a kind of ‘perpetual wheel’ with one feeding the next etc

Generate: Act as a platform or spiritual & entrepreneurial springboard for gifting, talent & creative ideas to be unleashed, recognising & releasing people into their God given calling. Enabling kingdom businesses to be birthed. To be the trigger / spark for those ideas / dreams etc to develop into viable God centred businesses.

Incubate: To provide the tools, community, and environment that will nurture younger businesses and promote embryonic development. To provide the support necessary to facilitate the growth and healthy development of fledgling kingdom businesses. A safe place to discuss and ask questions, pray and get help with both practical skills and spiritual development.

Accelerate: To provide assistance and support to more established businesses in order for them to grow and develop. To enable these businesses to expand and advance more quickly and more effectively into successful kingdom businesses that portray kingdom values and mission in the marketplace in every aspect of the business.

Generate:  In turn, the result should be producing & creating financial resources & skills for the advancement of the kingdom. An army of kingdom business warriors who are mission minded in the marketplace and conduits of God’s wealth to see the great commission fulfilled. A community of like minded business people with a zeal and a passion for God and His agenda, actively pursuing practical ways to address the issues and the people that God is passionate about; poverty, social injustice, the orphan, the widow, the lost.

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